First blog post – So I want to be an athlete…

I always wanted to be an athlete. You know, a pro athlete. One that’s paid to train. You see the stars and wonder if you could do it. If you could be an athlete. Would it be fun? Would the training be fun? I think a lot of us have had a similar dream. We have all watched our favourite athletic star on tv or at a game or competition and been completely mesmerised by them. Gone home buzzing with excitement and promising ourselves to train in our athletes chosen sport tomorrow. Then life takes over, actually we let it take over. Job to go to, bills to pay, family mouths to feed. I mean really? Become a pro fighter? At 38? Seriously dude you ran 1.6km yesterday and nearly passed out, let alone the small calf tear you got from the same run and the serious DOMS in your calfs and legs that lasted for days…

I wanted to write this blog for anyone that could identify with what I’m about to embark on. Anyone who is feeling like it’ll never happen. Like its over. Physically for them.

I’m 38 years old turning 39 this august and my body is failing me. I take longer to get up out of bed each day, my back, knees, elbows and shoulders hurt daily. I get random aches and pains during the day (no – I’ve been checked out and I don’t have either a rheumatological or neurological disease). Loosing fat is even harder then it ever used to be. I can’t recover from weight training as quickly as I used to. I recently tried weight training twice daily and needed endless naps in the day, had to eat way more then calculated and sleep extra a night too. In the end I had to stop due to painful tendonitis in my left patella tendon – not to mention all my joints started to hurt all the fucking time.

What’s happening to me? Old age finally got its claws in

What if I gave it one last shot? What if I said fuck it. I want to be an athlete. I want to get an athletic clothing deal and nutritional supplement sponsorship (anyone listening?) and I want to train twice or three times a day for a chosen sport. I want to compete in my sport. What do you think would happen?

I guess its time to find out.

I want to take you, if you permit me, on my journey. My journey to be an athlete. My chosen sport is Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I’m currently a blue belt and have had the last year off due to a bad knee injury that needed emergency surgery and then rehabilitation (more on this later). So I’m back at what really feels like, the beginning. I’m unfit. Fat. Inflexible (you’ll see!) and can’t remember anything from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ).

My health is getting better…due to high work life stress I’ve had high blood pressure and that quickly followed by high cholesterol levels. I’ve been addressing my health concerns by a) I dissolved a toxic business partnership and moved quietly on and B) started basic exercising again along with much better food choices but I have a way to go.

To set all of this in motion I needed something to fixate on and the answer was provided to me via good old Facebook. I saw a post by Evolve ( and the hairs on the back of my neck went up. This is it I thought. Aim to go to this. Sign up. Get a reason to train daily. Seems simple right. All I’m doing is attending a week long seminar… easy I can hear you say…dude seriously? That’s it? No. it’s the start. The first smaller goal in the long line of goals.

I’ve never trained no GI before, I’m out of shape, no I’m very out of shape. I haven’t train BJJ or grappling for a year now and I have zero no GI experience (I think I’ve said that already…).


So here’s my plan. I have to travel to the USA all next week on a medical conference and I’m hoping the hotel gym exists… I’ll do whatever I can to stay active.

The cool thing is 10th Planets headquarters is an hour away by car…might just have to visit…

On my return I plan to only train BJJ 3 x week for the next 2 weeks and the reason only 3 x is simple. I don’t want to be injured before I get started. I need time for my body to adjust to the grappling training. Again it never used to be this way…but I have to accept this is what’s currently needed and to listen to my body so I can win in the longer run.

On top of the BJJ training I’m going to weight train 4 x a week and do sprint intervals 2 x a week.

My diet will be managed on my fitness pal ( on my iphone.

I’ll post all my routines and even the sexy before, mid and after photos. This is for real people. I want real dads, mums, older wanna be athletes, and in fact anyone who needs a little of ‘if that guy can do it then so can I’ to follow my journey.

My friend Charles Poliquin always said ‘assess your starting physiology’ so I’d better listen to him as he kinda knows what he’s doing (don’t know him – shame on you – check him out here:

So I’m gonna get blood work done (yes you’ll see my cholesterol levels…lucky you!) and test my body fat. I’ll record my strength levels and assess my flexibility. It’ll be all here to see.

Let the games begin…



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  1. That’s a great blog and I hope you stay motivated and write about your daily progress here! From what I heard and a bit of experience I have, competing no GI shouldn’t be a big struggle if you have learned BJJ with GI. Good luck!

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